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~Simply Intentional May~

~Simply Intentional Lifestyle~ I love products that are intentional in that they have more than one function, are thoughtful, and are beautiful. C...
~Simply Intentional April~

~Simply Intentional April~

As spring begins to bloom in our gardens, it is inevitable that weeds will soon follow and that even the most beautiful plants may need to be thinned and managed so that the they can thrive.  
Simply Intentional March

Simply Intentional March

Simply Intentional Lifestyle "Better do a little well, than a great deal badly." Socrates A simply intentional lifestyle means focusing on doing ...

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Thank you for exploring Just Beyond the Cottonwoods, a family run business lovingly rooted in Mechanicsburg, Ohio.  We love handcrafted, heart -designed, mindful products, and we are honored to share some of our favorites with you.  We hope you enjoy your time at Just Beyond the Cottonwoods and please know that we truly appreciate you taking the time to view our shop.