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Creativity with a $5 Grocery Flower Bouquet

Creativity with a $5 Grocery Flower Bouquet

It never fails. Right around Valentine’s Day, I always get Spring Fever. I’m over winter and I want to throw open my windows and plant flowers. Bu...
{Christmas Markets & Handmade Workshops}

{Christmas Markets & Handmade Workshops}

Just Beyond the Cottonwoods invites you to our December Events! The Vintage Wren at Wren Farm is located in Mechanicsburg Ohio at a beautiful farm ...
The Cottage Shed ~ A Creative Journey

The Cottage Shed ~ A Creative Journey

An old gifted shed full of tools and equipment on the side of our yard just sat sadly crying to be given new life.  It felt similar to my inner creative struggle. Creative ruts are common, but they tend to cut deep when markets and shops change direction. I love our markets and shops, but they own their creative vibes and makers are along for the ride.  Sometimes their shifts and changes hurt your business, sometimes it helps.  Not knowing what to expect moving forward with markets and shops, led me to look at our little shed with new eyes. 

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