Creating a New and Very Visible Command Center for the Kitchen

It always feels so good to get creative with household items. It's a great way to stay motivated, and organize a space by adding a few simple touches.  While I've been prepping to turn half of our small pantry into a mudroom, I've had to create a new "command central" that will be in plain view in our kitchen. Nothing like having to leave things visible to motivate you to be tidy and find creative solutions. It's funny how one need (a mudroom space) turned into a few days of unintentional decluttering and simplifying. Here's a peek at the final project.


While living in a home for over twenty years, it's easy to look at each space as the same old same old space. But when a need arises, it's definitely worth it to take on a new perspective and see how a few changes can create an environment that blesses instead of stresses. Using an IKEA "island table" that I've had for several years, I decided to create a small "command center" tucked in the corner of our kitchen by several windows and completely exposed. It really was the only option, and I knew that I would need to be diligent to keep it tidy, so I purchased a few Rifle Paper cubbies to tuck things away (always like to keep it pretty), threw away a lot of unnecessary items that had collected, and organized. I knew I needed to add a dedicated space for business documents that I could keep separate but still be somewhat visible so I could tend to them.  After some consideration, I landed on an old metal envelope I had laying around. It's perfect! I painted it gray, painted some white branches on the bottom, and covered it with a poly coat.

I then added a custom hoop above it for a little texture and beauty. You can stitch your own with my new custom stick + stitch pattern stickers if you'd like to create your own. I have all 26 letters of the alphabet available.

Painting and stitching are such great skills to use in creating a home that is simply intentional. Give it try!  See how you can transform a small area of your home to meet your daily needs better. Have fun, make it pretty, and enjoy the creative process. 

Until next time! Keep creating!


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