We love for our products to be placed in beautiful shops. Our hand embroidered and hand painted watercolor items are small batch one of a kind items.  Kits and Stick + Stitch packs are assembled and cut by hand. As such, we are not able to offer the typical 50% discount to wholesalers for goods that are mass manufactured.  We welcome questions about our wholesale options and typically provide the following terms:

Commission/Wholesale requiring monthly checks to be picked up: 25% off retail

Commission/Wholesale where weekly checks are mailed to us or for pre-purchased goods: 30% off retail

We appreciate our stockists and welcomes new stockists.

Shipping for non local Commission/Wholesale:

1st order = free shipping

Additional orders ship free with $150 after discount purchase.

Please note we use the best rates for shipping that are available to us. 

Thank you for your consideration,

Nikki + Tom