Welcome to November!

Welcome to November! Are you looking forward to a full and fabulous season of gathering, feasting, and enjoying?  When a new month begins, do you anticipate it because it's a fresh start?  Lately, I’ve unfortunately fallen into the comparison trap in just about every aspect of life, but I hope to take time this month to really focus on what I am thankful for in the everyday moments of life.  At times, joy and peace seem so elusive, and distractions abound, but I feel a constant tug to try to make some changes.  While contemplating what types of changes I think may help, I landed on a title for the blog- Designing a Home with Heart.  It’s extremely important to me to have a home that doesn’t feel like just a house.  Home is where your tribe gathers to do life.  My hope in writing under this new title is not to seek perfection or compare my home to other homes, but to begin the journey of designing my home so that Christ is glorified.  I’m not completely sure what this looks like, but I’m pretty sure it involves striving to have peace and joy in my home. This month I’ll begin by having a heart of thankfulness.  What are you thankful for? 


I’m thankful for…

~A growing relationship with Christ and understanding of his deep love

~A church where I know I will always hear God’s word and don’t have to worry about fluff

~A supportive family who always love and encourage me

~An opportunity to be creative and share with others


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