Truth, Beauty, Goodness

In a world that feels like it has been shaken and tossed about with trials at every turn, I can't think of a better time to focus on truth, beauty, and goodness.  The everyday kindnesses that everyday people display often go unseen as all the ugly gets displayed on our screens.  As we each search for what we can do in our small footprint on this earth, we can look for truth, beauty, and goodness.  We can promote them, and search them out, and point to these values.  We can seek truth (know God's word and use discernment), we can create beauty (art, music, writing, dance), and we can find goodness (what is right, what is pure, what is true). As with most companies, even tiny ones, I have been re-centering what I am doing with Just Beyond the Cottonwoods.  The items I make are not just products.  I'm not just selling pretty things for the sake of making a few dollars to help support my family.  My hope is that the pieces I make point to truth, beauty, and goodness, and that they are a reminder of those things.  You will see more embroidery kits so you can try this lovely art, more clothing with edifying and encouraging words so you can express your style in an encouraging way, more original artwork, encouraging cards, and more in the coming months and years. I love that art can be used for good and can be purchased by the everyday person.  As we navigate this "new" world, let's remember who created us and why. And let's contribute to truth, beauty, and goodness.



  • So well put💗 love it!

    Aunt Tate
  • Your watercolor flowers are beautiful. I’m excited for when the notecards are ready for purchase.


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