The Cottage Shed ~ A Creative Journey

From this...

An old gifted shed full of tools and equipment on the side of our yard just sat sadly crying to be given new life.  It felt similar to my inner creative struggle. Creative ruts are common, but they tend to cut deep when markets and shops change direction. I love our markets and shops, but they own their creative vibes and makers are along for the ride.  Sometimes their shifts and changes hurt your business, sometimes they help.  Not knowing what to expect moving forward with markets and shops, led me to look at our little shed with new eyes. What if I could control the creative vibe- what if this little shed could inspire something that has been swirling in my mind for years?  I've been fascinated with "cottage industry" for a while now, and I love the idea of carving out a tiny piece of living from what you have locally.  I wondered if I could create a little creative community close to home. Very very close to home, if only for a couple of weekends a year. A space to gather friends old and new- purely to focus on simple, intentional creativity.  The idea for a pop up shop and workshop developed.  The only thing to do was talk my husband into moving his stuff out, move the shed 50 yards, and figure out how to make it look pretty. Well I am also trying to figure out how to attract people enough to want to take a drive out to the country to visit the shop. That very well may end up being the biggest struggle yet, we shall see! Here is a glimpse into the journey thus far.

Watercolor Vision


I asked my private Simply Intentional Friends by Just Beyond the Cottonwoods facebook group which color I should use for the exterior and they all (literally all) voted for Navy blue. Join the private group if you'd like to be a part of our creative community!

I loooove Navy but as you can see...Our home has black accents, so in the end I went with black with blue undertones.

Now that the outside is done, I'm moving to the inside and will host the very first Pop Up Shop + Workshop on Friday September 23 9am-7pm and Saturday September 24 9am-1pm. 4500 N Urbana Lisbon Rd Mechanicsburg Ohio 43044. Workshops must be purchased ahead of time as spots are limited. We will be stitching adorable tea towels.You can reserve a spot here:

Stop by the Cottage Shed anytime ~free admission~ and browse hand embroidered and original watercolor decor and gifts during our open hours. Private shopping is available the week after, but you must message and book in advance.  

So far it's been just the creative journey I needed to inspire new creativity. Great therapy! And I'm so excited that the old shed has turned...

Into this...

Hope to see ya at The Cottage Shed! #shopthecottageshed 


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