Spring ~ Needed Now More Than Ever

Every winter I long for spring. I look forward to the green grass pushing through, birds chirping and fluttering about, bluer skies, warmer temps, and of course the return of colorful flowers.  But this year has been a little different. This year I yearn for a new spring in my soul.  The world has beaten me down a bit, and I long to embrace the newness of nature.  Today I read a phrase that I hope to keep embedded in my mind, live in faith not in feelings.  Faith is big.  My feelings are small. My feelings change per second, but my faith is strong, and it is growing.  Sometimes running a tiny business comes with lots of feelings, sometimes homeschooling comes with lots of feelings, sometimes being a boy mama comes with lots of  feelings, sometimes managing  home and work comes with lots of feelings, and sometimes navigating marriage comes with lots of feelings.  But those feelings do not make me the person I am.  They do not have to determine my actions or reactions.  My faith is in a God, who has known me before I was born.  He called me to himself, justified, sanctified, protected, and redeemed. The feelings are just little flutters in this temporary home. True spring is in the hope of what is ahead.

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