~Simply Intentional May~

~Simply Intentional Lifestyle~

I love products that are intentional in that they have more than one function, are thoughtful, and are beautiful. Creating original watercolor paintings into cards that are a joy to send out but are also great framed and displayed is so enjoyable. I love authentic art that is simple, unique, and makes you stop and take a second to just pause and enjoy the moment.  


~Simply Intentional Decor~

I love gardens. Well...I love the idea of gardens.  When we first moved into our home 20 years ago, we had a giant row garden. We worked and worked and worked it and it still went wild and did it's own thing. Then my husband built four gorgeous raised beds and it became more manageable, but we still were losing the joy of gardening even though it was a smaller footprint. This year, I'm trying container gardens on our porch. I've always had beautiful potted flowers on our porch and have been able to manage them well, so I thought it might be more enjoyable to just pluck yummy veggies from the porch this year.  I can easily take the containers to the garage if there is overnight frost or bad weather and I can easily hunt for critters trying to steal a nibble.  Living a simple intentional life means adjusting to things and scaling up or down when needed to maintain balance and joy. I'm looking forward to trying this method and seeing what happens. You may be wondering what happened to our row garden. It's now a small apple orchard producing apples.  I'm thinking our raised beds will either be a new flower garden for picking bouquets or a spot for pumpkins and gourds. 

~Simply Intentional Tiny Business~ 

We sure haven't felt like a tiny business lately.  Our booth at Vintage and Made market was so pleasantly busy with such sweet shoppers that we felt like we were running a boutique that weekend. It was amazing!  We were also asked to tend to our very own little corner at Simple Comforts Coffee Shop in Mechanicsburg Ohio. We can fluff and rotate products and style just as we please.  The coffee shop owners are so very sweet and we are super pleased with the opportunity.  So if you missed us at the local market, or rarely pass through our home town be sure to check out our online shop as we update with new simply intentional products.  Our next market will be with Vintage and Made Market in September. 




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