Simply Intentional March

Simply Intentional Lifestyle

"Better do a little well, than a great deal badly." Socrates

A simply intentional lifestyle means focusing on doing a few things really well instead of stretching yourself so much that you are doing all the things, but doing them badly.  When quarantine 2020 wrapped up, life went from 0 to 60 so fast. It's as if everyone wanted to jump back into the hustle and bustle of a crazed pace. Not me, I missed the quiet and thoughtful existence we had. Mind you I didn't miss the horrible things of quarantine life, but I did miss the fact that I had less to do, so I could focus on doing those few things well.  Often I feel productive by checking items off my to do list, but if I'm just doing them to check them off, they often are done poorly. By questioning the importance of the "to do's," I am able to get rid of the fluff. Knowing it will free up space, time, and energy to do the important things of life really well, helps to reduce busy fussy items on my list. It's a daily battle in my mind though, and I have to fight the urge to let outside forces pack my day with inauthentic nonessentials.  

It isn't often that a home decor book changes my perspective on life, but "Welcome Home" by Myquillyn Smith has helped me to be simply intentional in how I manage my home and in how I host friends and family. If you haven't already checked it out, you really should. There are so many helpful tips that are inspiring and doable. I am more focused and productive when my environment is "just so" and this book helped me to eliminate unnecessary fluff.

A simply intentional life strives to do a few things well, and let's fluff go.

Simply Intentional Decor

Looking for a free and easy way to bring spring decor into your home?  Cut a few budding branches and stick them in your favorite waterproof vessel with some fresh water.  They look lovely in their velvety bloom bundles, and when the flowers start to pop out, your heart will soar! Forcing blooms is so quick and easy.  I clipped Bradford Pear today because they are the first bloomers on our property.  Take a peek around your yard or ask a neighbor or friend if you can forage for some buds from their property. I'm surprised every early spring at how much these forced blooms brighten our home.

Simply Intentional Tiny Business

I'm so excited to partner with Simple Comforts Coffee Shop on April 24th to host a hand embroidery workshop, just in time for a lovely Mother's Day gift surprise for your loved one. There are two time slots available (9:30am or 12:00pm). I will teach you how to hand embroider a lovely tea towel. There are several thread colors available and you may stitch Nana, Grandma, Mamma, or whichever name you'd like.  There will be an 8 person maximum per time slot. I will teach you a backstitch for lettering, and I will also teach you a couple of techniques for creating flowers.  Purchase a delicious coffee, treat, or lunch, and bring your friends to enjoy a great experience. You will leave with a beautiful custom tea towel that you lovingly made yourself.  Registration and payment are required to secure a spot. Click the image of the towel above to reserve a spot today or visit for more details.



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