Simply Intentional February

Hi Friends!

Many of you have been curious as to what "simply intentional" means and looks like, so this year in my monthly newsletter/blog post I will be sharing three segments each month. The first will include tips on what a simply intentional lifestyle might look like, the second is how to curate simply intentional products into your decor, gift ideas, and such, and the third will cover some little insights into our tiny business and how we are being simply intentional with our brand. Our desire is to help you be simply intentional and to encourage you along the way. So, welcome and I hope you will reach out to us.

Simply Intentional Lifestyle

At the beginning of the year, I decided to begin a new tradition with my sons.  I wanted to establish something that would encourage us to spend a little time together, and perhaps be something we could continue as they start to enter college, get married, begin a family, etc. Coffee dates came to mind immediately.  We've gone on a few coffee dates here and there, but nothing consistent. When I mentioned to them that I'd like to take them out individually for a coffee date and a quick shopping trip for a "necessity," they were pretty pumped.  It's hard sometimes as a busy mom to stop and ask what they might need, or to dig deep into what they have been processing in their minds. These little coffee dates allow a designated time for us to slow down a little and look into hearts to see what our boys are thinking.  In January, we went to Winans for coffee and macarons. This month I hope to take them each to our local coffee roaster.  It was such a treat to hang out with each son.  Actually, my husband asked when his turn is coming up, so I might have to pencil him in this month. A simply intentional lifestyle is just a way to slow down and process what you spend your time on, making sure it aligns with your values.  It's taking out the fluff and eliminating busy work. It's intentionally spending time with people and listening to them. It's going back to what is really important.

Simply Intentional Products

We launched a line of "Thoughtful Tea Towels" recently that are hand embroidered.  When designing handmade products, I'm constantly thinkiing of not only design, but form and function as well.  I hope that our products encourage our customers to pursue what is true and beautiful. These tea towels have been pre-washed and the embroidery thread is colorfast so they can endure many washings.  Meant to be used and not only displayed, these towels offer great reminders of what matters.  Simply intentional decor is a great way to curate products that are both meaningful, functional, and add beauty to any space. 

Simply Intentional Tiny Business

In being intentional with how we share our products, we've recently collaborated with the sweetest little Christian coffee shop in Mechanicsburg, Ohio called Simple Comforts Coffee Shop. It is right on the corner in the middle of town. The owners are so sweet and the environment is so cozy. I love that our products are for sale locally so that our local customers can experience shopping in a beautiful old downtown store and support a local coffee/bakery/cafe shop. 

Also in addition to what we offer online, we have booked a booth space at both the spring and fall markets with Vintage & Made Market at the Round Barn. This show is my absolute favorite and I'm honored to be a part of their very curated event.  The atmosphere is fantastic and the vendors are high class.  It's always so much fun, and I cannot wait to see customers face to face again. The amazing promoters go out of their way to make the event safe. Tickets are limited, so purchase soon.  I hope you'll stop by online, in the coffee shop, or at our booth at the markets.


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