~Simply Intentional April~

Simply Intentional Lifestyle  

As spring begins to bloom in our gardens, it is inevitable that weeds will soon follow and that even the most beautiful plants may need to be thinned and managed so that the they can thrive.  I am reminded that our lives are similar to gardens in some ways.  Oftentimes weeds begin to crowd out the important things in life, and we need to take time to pull them out so that the growth we intend to see happens.  Sometimes all of the good life things that are going on stretch us too far, and we need to cull them so that we can focus in on what really matters. A simply intentional life means pulling weeds from our life and thinning even some good things so that we can grow to be who God has called us to be.

Simply Intentional Decor

Spring cleaning has begun, and many of us look to declutter and freshen up our spaces by finding ways to stash invites, reminders, bills, and other important pieces of paper.  Our hand embroidered pocket hoops are both functional and beautiful.  Keep your items front and center so they are not forgotten, but are out of the way a bit so they don't clutter up your surfaces. Being simply intentional with decor choices means adding beauty and meaning and also using clever ways to organize.

Simply Intentional Tiny Business

Managing a tiny business has many perks, and one of them is being able to connect with customers and seeing what needs and likes they have for products that they enjoy.  I love so much that I can teach people how to embroider and at the same time try be an encouragement to them. Whether you love finding ideas to decorate your home, purchasing our handmade products, or love learning how to stitch in our workshops or with our kits- I'm so happy to help.

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