{Simply Intentional Living}


God's creation is so beautiful, no matter the season. Our family particularly loves spring and fall. One way we are trying to live intentionally is to go on "adventure" days with our sons who all have spring birthdays.  My husband takes a day off work near each son's birthday, we clear the schedule, and hike a state park or two.  We are trying to visit every state park in our beautiful state of Ohio. We are at the point now where we need to drive an hour or more to reach the parks we haven't visited yet. It's so nice to hike for the whole day and explore and wear ourselves out.  We usually end with pizza for dinner and then go home to snuggle in for a movie.  Spring is a great time to hike because while it may be damp, the ground bursts forth with a variety of greens and tiny flowers. Bushes and trees start to bud, the air is crisp, and you can see for miles because the trees are mostly still bare.  Our spring hikes energize us and give us hope for upcoming warm weather. Warm weather that brings cookouts, traveling, baseball in the front yard, and porch sitting. Try a family hike this spring and see how refreshing it makes you feel.

{Simply Intentional Decor}

Decorating with meaning and purpose is easier than you might think.  Most of my home decor pieces have either sentimental value and bring to mind lovely memories of times with family, vacations, special shopping trips, gifts, etc. When I create something for my home I love for it to have meaning behind it and/or usefulness.  I crafted to this hoop to remind our family to be in prayer for Ukraine, to remember that our struggle here on earth is real and that many others are struggling as well. It also reminds us that the greatest hope is to have eternal hope in Christ.

{Simply Intentional Tiny Business}

Exciting news on the tiny business front! My newest collection is available online, at Simple Comforts Coffee Shop, and now at Nivroc's in Urbana Ohio.  Nivrocs is a brand new retail shop with antiques, locally made hand crafted items, and more.  They are located right in the square next to the delicious Cafe Paradiso.  Shopping downtown Urbana is delightful.  There are many little interesting shops and eateries.  We are excited to have a small space on the second floor of Nivroc's. It is just an end-cap right now, but it is stocked full with lovingly stitched hats, towels, small hoops, and more. We appreciate each and every one of you for shopping local and supporting small business. You can have a direct impact on the lives of makers with your support.

Enjoy March!

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