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Happy New Year!  I hope you have had a lovely start to the new year. This year our monthly newsletter will consist of three sections: Simply Intentional Living, Simply Intentional Decor, and Simply Intentional Business. We hope you are inspired and encouraged by our newsletters.  If you'd like to join our Simply Intentional Friends by Just Beyond the Cottonwoods, please join our private facebook group to share decor ideas, enter to win our giveaways, and more.

{Simply Intentional Living}

Simply Intentional living combines form and function while adding interest and beauty.  Each year after Christmas, we keep all of the wonderful Christmas cards friends and family have sent to us and we pray over each family before we gather for dinner.  I had been keeping them in a stack on our kitchen table and they would always spill out and fall all over the table. But not this year, because while on a hike my youngest son found an old rusty spring. He was excited to show me, because I love adding old rusty finds to our decor. Immediately I knew I could use this treasure to display cards.  I love thinking of the history of this utilitarian piece and giving it new life in our home.  

{Simply Intentional Decor}

"Winter Wonder" collection is now available online and at Simple Comforts Coffee Shop in Mechanicsburg Ohio.  I love adding just a few winter decor items into my home to brighten my home.  This collection was curated and edited to include functional and lovely items to remind you of the wonder of this winter season.

{Simply Intentional Business}

Recently, I've been trying to fit a daily walk into my daily routine.  It doesn't always work out, but I sure do benefit from them when I can.  Sometimes my mind is so full of creative ideas I just want to burst and going outside helps to clear my thoughts so I can zero in on what is important. I know my desire for this tiny business is to glorify God.  It's hard to keep from the "hustle" mentality and want to say yes to every opportunity. On my walks I think about ways to find time to create and share.  Every day I walk by our shed that was gifted to us last year.  And every day I find myself dreaming about how I could use it in a creative way. It currently is used to store overflow items from our garage, mostly tools. It needs a lot of love.

It took a little convincing but I talked my husband into letting me use it for creative pursuits. I'd love to paint it, put some electricity in, and design ...something. I'm dreaming about pop-up shop weekends and hand embroidery and watercolor workshops. We live out in the country, so I'm not sure folks will be willing to make the trip to do a little shopping and creating, but I hope they do. At the very least I can give it back to my husband and it will look a whole lot cuter!  Here is a watercolor I painted in hopes to inspire me to begin work on it once we are in to a warmer season:

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