Holiday Joy Checklist

We are finally on Christmas break!  Our homeschool community time has ended for the season, and we are switching to a lighter school schedule.  Our family of five is in desperate need to slow down and rekindle the sparks of joy in our home. I've been considering how to encourage this for a few weeks now.  While scrolling through Instagram, I spotted several really cute scrolls. (See what I did there?) I've also noticed folks posting fun checklists of events they'd like to enjoy while making memories with their families.  After deciding that we need more fun in our busy lives, I set out to make a DIY scroll with a family checklist.  I had no idea how much our three boys would love it!  I posted it on the door we use the most. Before I could put the final magnet on, they were jostling around trying to see the fun activities we hope to experience.  Love it!  Check out the easy directions below to create your own!



Kraft Paper


Computer Word Processing Program

Copy Paper

Charcoal Pencil

Transfer Paper

Scraper or Hard Edge Tool

Black Sharpie or Other Marker

Cutting Mats

Rotary Cutter

Clear Tape

Twine or Jute

Step 1:

Cut the length of craft paper that you would like to display while leaving enough to roll up on each end.

Step 2:

Cut in to two separate sections according to how wide you'd like your scroll. Reserve the section you aren't using for a future project.

Step 3:

Use a cutting mat and rotary cutter to clean up any uneven edges.

Step 4:

Use your word processing program to create a design using your favorite font and size of lettering that you'd like on your scroll. Print out in black and white.

Step 5:

Use your favorite transfer method.  I was gifted this pink transfer paper.  I trace the lettering from my word processing doc with a pencil by placing the pink paper on top and copying the text that shows through.  Then I turn the pink page over, and trace the backwards image with a black charcoal pencil (purchase at a local craft or art store). 

Step 6:

Line up papers with the charcoal side down on the kraft paper. Check to make sure everything is centered and that you have enough excess of each end to roll up.

Step 7:

Press over the writing applying pressure with a scraper or other solid edge. Be careful to not rip transfer paper.  Try not to shift transfer papers while transferring. Gently lift paper in one corner to ensure that the lettering is being transferred.

Step 8: 

Go over the lettering with your preferred black marker. Outline large letters before coloring in.

Step 9:

Roll ends and gently tape in place.

Step 10:

String twine or jute through the top roll and tie off or hide knot inside roll. Hang or use magnets to display in your favorite spot.  

Step 11:

Start having fun and checking off those new memories!

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