Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

As I’m enjoying this whole tiny business journey, I am especially enjoying the quite moments I get to indulge in to be creative.  Although I love being creative and dreaming up products to decorate our home and to place in our online shop, one of my most favorite activities is styling new products.    I’m pretty new at styling products, and I really just play around with our decor until something finally catches my eye.  It is so relaxing to think about how to use our products in special ways.

As Memorial Day approached, I was inspired to create a Freedom Banner. I knew right away where I wanted to try to take a photo.  I just love these “photoshoot” times.  All of my guys were at the neighbor’s fishing in his pond, so I took a few minutes to arrange some items for this shoot.  Most of the time I have to put things back into their original places before I begin. Today, I had to move a concrete pot with grapes on it back to its original spot because the boys moved it to search for worms to fish.  Even that makes me so happy.  We are so blessed.  I’m so happy to enjoy the small moments in life.   

Happy Memorial Day

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