Gather In

As Summer blends into Autumn, the arrival of a new season can easily stir within anticipation of what the next moments in life will bring into our lives.  This autumn, I hope to focus on the gathering in of certain things that will help me keep focus on what is important.  I hope to gather in God's word daily as I join a few ladies in a Bible reading challenge.  I hope to gather in my husband and children as we enjoy a season of growing together as a family and experience autumn and all the moments God has planned for us this season. I hope to gather in our church family through fellowship before and after Sunday and Wednesday services. I hope to gather in friends and family through our weekly Friday night bonfires that we host in October.  Gathering in, to me, means drawing in something or someone in order to make a connection and appreciate the present moments with thanksgiving and hope. What do you plan to gather in this autumn?

  • ~Nikki 

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