February Newsletter {Texture + Valentine Idea + Market Time}

Hello Friends

February always seems to fly by in our home. It can be difficult to be intentional with our time due to all that life demands, but taking a few moments to focus on what is important and making sound decisions to move forward is helpful.  When it's dreary outside it's fun to get creative for Valentine's, spruce up home decor, and dream up warm weather events. I hope you enjoy a little peek into what we have going on.

{simply intentional lifestyle}

Valentine's Day is coming up soon. We don't go all out for it, but I do like to give our boys a little something to show our love for them.  I usually give them a little chocolate and a few coupons.  This year I painted little hearts on watercolor paper and I will give them each a coupon (with an expiration date) for one coffee date, one lunch date at our local diner, and one get out of chores day.  I've found that our sons enjoy one on one time eating their favorite treats or meals and they really open up during that time.  Our schedules are crammed full often times, but coupons are reminders to take time out with each son individually.

{simply intentional decor}

I am not an interior designer, but I have figured out what I like when it comes to decor. Texture by far is my number one go to element.  I love adding wood, plants, glass, and textiles to just about every space in our home.  Each contributes a unique texture that when combined with the others gives the eye a variety of elements to enjoy.  I stick with mostly blues, greens, and grays with warm white added in. I appreciate spaces that are beautiful, functional, and simple.  If you have a space that feels off, try adding texture (a new piece of glass, an organic element like a leafy plant, a textile like an embroidery hoop with a beautiful fabric, or wood with an interesting grain.

{simply intentional business}

Even tiny businesses have to be flexible and rise to new challenges. Our favorite market promoters changed their show from Friday/Saturday to Friday/Saturday/Sunday. With the addition of Sunday, we decided that we would not be able to set up at our favorite market.  Our family reserves Sunday for church and family time when at all possible.  I've been searching for another great market for a while. We've been spoiled by the markets we've been to most recently, so it made the search difficult, but we are excited to say we have found a market near Lake Erie and were accepted!  The Summer Market held Friday/Saturday in July will be so exciting. It's right on the water (river) in Lorain Ohio and is near Cleveland, so we will meet so many new faces.  Our online shop will still offer most of our products and we are still blessed to be able to sell our products in Mechanicsburg Ohio in Simple Comforts Coffee shop as well. We are looking for another boutique or two to sell our products, and we hope to find one or two more local markets.  Thank you for being on this journey with us.


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