Exciting New Adventure with Agapé Books Coffee Shoppe Décor in Springfield Ohio

Exciting News!  Just Beyond the Cottonwoods is now in a brick and mortar!  Agapé Books Coffee Shoppe Décor in Springfield Ohio  is currently stocking our products.  It is such a huge blessing to have the opportunity to share this experience with such a great establishment.  Agapé has so much to offer our community, and is a beautiful, encouraging place to gather.  I have to tell you; I have been a bundle of nerves.  I’ve been so nervous about putting myself out there a bit while trying to get our tiny business a little exposure.  It's a business, but when you pour yourself into what you make, it’s personal.  My husband and three boys are so encouraging.  In fact, when I just about backed out of inquiring about placing our products in Agapé, my oldest, looked me in the eye and firmly said, “Go get em’ Momma.”  It touched my heart so much, I had him put it on a letter board and took a pic. We did it!  As a family of five, we are traveling this tiny business journey together.  Now…the hard part, waiting to see if anything sells!  If you are local, stop in and have a look.  Grab a Milky Way frozen coffee while you are at it. It is my favorite!  I know it’s a bit of a cheesy saying, but it’s true that when you buy local a real person giggles and dances on the inside.  In fact, sometimes it happens on the outside too!

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