Creativity with a $5 Grocery Flower Bouquet

It never fails. Right around Valentine’s Day, I always get Spring Fever. I’m over winter and I want to throw open my windows and plant flowers. But it’s still pretty cold and gray outside. To remedy my impatience with winter’s grasp, I head to my local grocery and grab an inexpensive bouquet of flowers. They are beautiful all gathered together, but when you separate them out, their beauty can add bright pops of freshness all over your home. I like to place them in small glass jars. Antique clear jars are easy to find and are inexpensive. While they look great in groupings, I also like to tuck them in here and there.

Petite bouquets also look great gathered together as a centerpiece, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

The also look lovely placed on a mantle’s next to art.
Grab a flower bouquet and get creative. See how many petite bouquets you can infuse into your home decor.

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